Street Photography

One of the first things I did on the journey with photography was become a member of the organization Clickin Moms. This online community of amazing photographers has helped me truly become the artist that I am. I continue to grow and learn, my style adapts with experience, practice, and inspiration but I credit so much of what I’ve accomplished because of this community of strong women.

Every year, Clickin Moms has an event called Clickin Walk. It’s an amazing time of meeting new photographers and stretching our comfort zones with street photography. In hundreds of cities across the U.S., members of Clickin Moms meet and shoot together.

This year I was able to take my 4 year old son with me. We were able to share the morning together, laughing, photographing each other, and exploring. I learned that he really wanted to know more about what I do and how I do it. It was such a memorable experience for me, showing him what I loved to do. Whatever your gift is, teach it to your children. They may love it or decide it’s not for them but either way you are broadening their horizons. And as always art can become a way to talk about life. God is an artist, the greatest artist. What He creates is good and beautiful. Luke was able to see the beauty in the everyday and together we marveled at the “mundane”.



Beauty in Simplicity

The more and more I photograph, the more I’m inspired by the simple things in life. It’s the approach I take with newborn and babies. I love to photograph them in their own element, in simple clothes, surrounding by the people that love them the most. Often times I can do an entire session in one room with good light. By focusing on what I believe parents want to remember about their little ones, the connection between a baby and their parents, and the outpouring of love that comes from holding your little one in your arms, a session becomes easy, simple, meaningful and beautiful. 2016-06-20_0001


The Hodgkiss Family

Meet sweet little Lane! I had such a great time with these new parents and little boy. They are going to be such wonderful parents…fun, easy going, and loving people!! Lane wanted to share in all the excitement and was awake for most of his session but we did get him to slumber right at the end! He’s a cutie!


Mommy and Me Mini Sessions Spring 2016

I adore photographing mothers and their children. There’s something so special about capturing that relationship in an image. It’s truth and genuine affection right in front of you. So real you just feel it! This spring I was fortunate enough to photograph this fabulous mom! She is really so much fun at her sessions. She laughs, plays, tickles, and sings to her kiddos and they just light up around her. Thank you Jessica for putting full trust in me as your photographer and always being up for anything and everything!


The DeBlanc Duo

Being able to photograph these beautiful twin girls was such an exciting opportunity for me! I was so excited for their arrival but also a bit anxious to do a twin newborn session. These little angels completely spoiled me! They just slept and made such cute faces the entire time I photographed them. We had such a blast!! 2016-06-12_0001

Lewisville/Flower Mound Younglives

I can’t even begin to put into words how amazing Andrea Brakner of Lewisville/Flower Mound Younglives is. She is the salt of the earth, a light in this world, a voice for the Lord, and exemplifies the love and grace of Jesus Christ. YoungLife is an amazing organization that reaches so many of our youth today, adults walking alongside teens during one of the most impressionable times in their lives. Younglives is the branch of YoungLife that is committed to teen moms and their babies. Mentors encourage moms through the chaos of motherhood, modeling for them the love of Jesus Christ, and helping them to be the moms God created them to be.

I wanted so desperately to use the gift of photography to give back to the community I live. I’m a firm believer that God has uniquely gifted and placed me to serve His purpose and accomplish the work He gives me to do for His glory and my good. Being around these moms and their children has impacted me in more ways than I can count. This Mother’s Day I was able to photograph around 40 mommas and their babies. The overwhelming feeling of love, dedication, and connection that I saw behind the camera brought me to tears. These moms are strong, courageous, giving, and filled with love for their little ones. Just take a look…


National Charity League Cottonwood Chapter

Things have been super busy around here lately! I am just now getting around to sharing a few photographs from a beautiful banquet in May. The National Charity League Cottonwood Chapter of Flower Mound held their annual Senior Recognition Banquet at Royal Affairs Ballroom in Lewisville. It was a great night filled with presentations, laughter, daddy/daughter dancing, and memories! I’m honored that they asked me to photograph this special event. Such a wonderful organization committed to service and volunteer work. If you have a daughter, check out this organization!


The Brazelton Family

This wonderful family just brought home baby girl #3! She is so sweet and very loved by her adorable sisters. Nothing can compare to the love felt between sisters. They will always have a best friend, a playmate, and someone to share secrets with. I was so lucky to capture their love for each other.



The Geddie Family

Texas in the spring is very wet! We’ve had record amounts of rain during spring for 2 years in a row now. It had rained all morning and afternoon but it stopped for an hour right before sunset. Long enough for such a sweet maternity/family portrait session! This beautiful lady will be having another girl soon and big sister is beyond excited!! Don’t be afraid to have a session taken on a cloudy day…clouds provide beautiful diffused light that is so soft and subtle. No worries about harsh shadows during those types of days…something all mommas can appreciate:)2016-05-31_0004