The Frappier Family

What a fun session this was! Great family, awesome location, and the rain actually stopped long enough for us to get pictures and then commenced with a downpour right after we finished:) A lot of people don’t realize how beautiful family pictures can be in the winter. Sure not everything’s in bloom and the grass isn’t green but I love winter light. It’s soft, diffused, and with the right outfits outdoor winter colors can be gorgeous! See below:)



The Cundiff Family

This sweet lady contacted me a few weeks ago to have family pictures. She said the last family photo she had 4 grandchildren pictured and now she has 11 grandchildren! What a reason for a family session…right?! We had a big group to say the least…grandparents, 3 daughters and their husbands, 11 grandchildren, 1 dog, and believe it or not a kitten was on set as well:) And it was a blast! These folks know what to do in front of a camera and it made my job super easy! We had lots of fun…I love big families!!

Cundiff Collage

The Goodlett/Campbell Family

Oh how I love multi generation family sessions!! There’s always something so wonderful about lots of family together:) The more and more I photograph, the more I’m drawn to the shots that show true connection and emotion. Although I do take “posed” pictures I much prefer to direct not pose!! If you invest in one of my sessions…I’ll likely have you sit on an old quilt and love on each other:) I’ll have you tickle those kiddos, play peekaboo, share eskimo kisses, hold hands and walk, and I’ll be talking to you and trying to get you to laugh the whole time! This is such a sweet family…I remember holding this cute little girl when she was a newborn and now she’s grown up as ever in her hot pink dress!