Street Photography

One of the first things I did on the journey with photography was become a member of the organization Clickin Moms. This online community of amazing photographers has helped me truly become the artist that I am. I continue to grow and learn, my style adapts with experience, practice, and inspiration but I credit so much of what I’ve accomplished because of this community of strong women.

Every year, Clickin Moms has an event called Clickin Walk. It’s an amazing time of meeting new photographers and stretching our comfort zones with street photography. In hundreds of cities across the U.S., members of Clickin Moms meet and shoot together.

This year I was able to take my 4 year old son with me. We were able to share the morning together, laughing, photographing each other, and exploring. I learned that he really wanted to know more about what I do and how I do it. It was such a memorable experience for me, showing him what I loved to do. Whatever your gift is, teach it to your children. They may love it or decide it’s not for them but either way you are broadening their horizons. And as always art can become a way to talk about life. God is an artist, the greatest artist. What He creates is good and beautiful. Luke was able to see the beauty in the everyday and together we marveled at the “mundane”.